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Victoria and I spoke earlier today about some possible ideas for the website. We came up with an idea for an opening page that seems like a very promising start. We want to open the website with a timeline that is divided into a few blocks of time. Obviously we aren’t sure how exactly we would divide that up yet. My first thought was to have one section cover the years immediately before the war and leading up to American involvement as one section, a second section cover the actual years that America was involved in the war, and then a final section cover the years immediately after the war. This stretches the time span past just the 1914-1919 parameters but I think that it may be necessary to gain a more complete picture of Wise and Southwest Virginia during this time period. The sources for any given year are limited and expanding the time span makes it much easier to show how the war actually changed the area. Back to the timeline. The timeline would be used to divide the site into chronological sections for navigation. Our hope is that we would be able to make as much of the primary research that we have available digitally through this website including the newspapers and photos from the time period. Thus far the people at our college’s library have seemed pretty excited about the idea of digitizing some things that we have looked at in their archives so they would likely be helpful in that process. Through the course of this research the idea occurred to me that World War I was in fact very good for Southwest Virginia. A lot of the development in the region was a result of the need for resources during the war and the result was a boost in population and money across Southwest Virginia. I think it is important that we convey that point with this website, but I am not sure yet how to accomplish that goal.

Victoria has been very diligent in keeping a running tab of the sources that we have compiled or hope to find very soon but since I am the one posting I am just going to use her list.

Present Findings—

Multiple Newspaper Articles. (From UVA-Wise Library microfilm).

Photos of soldiers (From Dickenson County Historical Society)

Photos from Looking Back at Wise County The Early Years

Information from The Heritage of Wise Volume One and Volume Two

Photo of the memorial featured from Dickenson Memorial High School

Booklet about Wise County during World War One

Booklet about Dickenson County during World War One

Future Research—

Mount Empire and the Wise Historical Society artifacts located there.

UVA-Wise special collections

Southwest Virginia Museum

Old Dickenson County Newspapers (Microfilm from Library of Virginia)

Microfilm of the muster roll of Wise County from the Library of Virginia

Questionnaires of soldiers from the Library of Virginia

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  1. I think you’re definitely right about the development of Southern Virginia being a point that you will want to drive home on your website–maybe that is something you can do with pictures (especially before and after) or personal stories from the time period, if you can find them.

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