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Archives: March 2014

Article Responces

The two articles I read were The Social in the Machine: How Historians of Technology Look Beyond the Object by Barbara Hahn and A Slice of American Academic Life, Suzhou-Style by Jan Goldstein. The article by Barbara Hahn was quite fascinating. Quite often we as historians are not taken as seriously by the hard sciences; biology, mathematics and chemistry. In spite of the fact that we work with archaic objects and old books we have the ability to sway the change of technology rather than feel intimidated by it.

As for the article by Jan Goldstein it was pretty interesting. I have always been fascinated with the development of relatively new industrial nations. I am currently going over cultural clashes and spread of revolutionary ideas with my freshman classes at NFA. This article reminded me of the fact that an idea whether cultural or philosophical can take route anywhere and the potential is astounding. Education is one of the most influential careers and it will be very interesting to see how western ideas will intermingle with Chinese ideology.

Logo and Tagline Ideas

I took a look at the logos they’re pretty nice I feel like they really capture the fact that a generation had to try to balance their normal lives as students with the dark cloud of total war. The logo I liked the most was on page 5 of the PDF. As for the tagline how about “The Great War: Microbes, Maxims and the Minds of America.” Microbes signifying the influenza outbreak and maxim as a nod to the widespread use of the machine gun.