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Could not be happier!

As of yesterday got a hold of five books on Willimantic! I cannot be any happier right now. After a very long dry spell and endless frustration I’ve tracked down the books I was looking for. Spending this weekend researching my topic in the library. Quiet a few of these are  secondary sources but thanks to their bibliographies I can track down the originals so I can collect more raw information.

1. Windham and Willimantic by Ron Robillard

2. Willimantic: Industry and community rise and decline of a Connecticut textile city by Thomas R. Beardsley

3. Remembering Willimantic: Community and college, 1920-1970 by David M. Roth

4. From Normal School to State College: The Growth and Development of Eastern Connecticut State College from 1889 to 1959

5. Historic and architectural resource survey in the town of Windham: Willimantic community development areas

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