Next Steps

1. Text- I currently have the majority of the text written, but still need to do more work on this. I have a few unpublished pages to add, and need to add some to the existing text.  I also need to put together the introduction, about, and credits page, which may become one page.

2. Media- I have a few more photographs that I still need to upload. I also need to incorporate quite a few more photos into my current pages. I decided to play with galleries instead of the slideshows, and need to work on a few more. The galleries currently appear at the bottom of the page, and I’m trying to get them to appear at the top. We will see if that’s possible. I may need to re-scan and/or re-size a few of the photos as well because some have gotten blurry when published, although they were clear when scanned. I am also considering using an image for the background of my site, and am considering photoshopping an old and new version of a building.

3. Transitions/Links- I have been experimenting with different menus and ways of moving from one page to another. I prefer not to use the next page and previous page links (and I’m not really sure why)so I’ve been trying to come up with different ways of navigating. I am thinking of providing links at the bottom of the page, and tried using pictures for the school portion, where each picture was representative of the next subject discussed. I may just use a normal link, but we shall see. As it currently stands, there are the picture links, then the gallery. If I can’t rework the gallery, then the images will definitely have to go.

4. Voices- I have more segments to add, and may need to record at least one that is currently published. For whatever reason, the second one on the current page is scratchier than the rest.

5.  Appearance and the little things. There are a number of small things that a need to fix. My site it very bland as it is, but this is somewhat intentional as i wanted to get the more important things done first. I also have to clean up a few little things, such as putting in the formal citations, credits and descriptions for photos, etc.

4 thoughts on “Next Steps”

  1. In looking at your site, I can see you’ve put a lot of effort into it. It looks like it’s coming along well. I know you discussed that you are messing with menus still. If you plan to still use the left column menu, deleting the Meta, Categories, and Archives will really help it look more like a website than a blog. I’m not sure what your plan is for the Blogroll section, but you might want to clarify that as well. Changing the titles of the menu options you keep will help people navigate more easily as well. If, however, you get rid of the left menu (it might actually look nice that way), the whole page may be more professional looking – the top menu buttons really cover all your research well.

    For some reason (maybe my computer, but I’m not sure), your site is too wide for the computer screen. If I zoom out, though, the writing is too small to read.

    Are you planning to add writing to the photo galleries? Right now they are just photo names. Will you be adding captions or other information?

    Works Cited seems to be a dead link. It looks like you have a few other pages to work on, but I really like the Voices section and the staff “bio” section. They look really nice. Keep up the good work! I know it’s a lot of effort.

  2. I really like how you have changing images on your front page! I do wish your subtitle was visible along with the “Century America Project” title so that visitors know a little bit more about what they are about to explore. The 4 images at the bottom of the home page aren’t showing up for me. Make sure for the Century America link, you are linking to (right now it is linking to the course). I like what you have done with those 4 spaces below, linking to other resources, but I think it is a but misleading to have the “Read More” links there when most of them actually take you to a completely different site.

    It looks like some of your links are broken (ex. the second picture on the FSNS home page) or mislabelled. For example, under the FSNS menu, the URL for the “Staff” page actually designates it as /curriculum. I was also confused on the FSNS home page as to why the top 4 pictures were different than the bottom 8, but now I realize that the top 4 are supposed to be navigation into the 4 FSNS sections. You should make that function clearer because right now they just look like slightly different pictures.

    I’ll be interested to see what images you add to your pages for the final product! Some of them definitely need more images, while others are fine. I really like the slideshow that you have on the “Life in Farmington” main page. I think that page would benefit from nav links (you may already plan on adding those).

    As for the sidebar, if you keep it, it definitely needs to be cleaned up–however, I think your site would probably be fine without it. I did notice that the sidebar is different on different pages (ex. FSNS home page vs. Life in Farmington home page) and some of them have a “Works Cited” link while the others do not. If you get rid of the sidebar, make sure you add Works Cited into your menu (or put it in your top menu either way). It looks like you still have social media links in the header and footer of the site–make sure you delete them (unless you plan on setting up social media for it?).

    It looks great so far! You have good content, and I’m having a great time comparing your FSNS to our FSNS! A lot of our pictures look very similar, so it’s really cool to see the similarities and differences between our schools. :)

  3. A lot of what I am going to say has already been stated by Leah far more eloquently, but I will chime in! I think your site is coming along very nicely, so I don’t have many comments or suggestions. Here is what stood out to me:

    On your site’s homepage, I wasn’t able to see images for the four “link” sections at the bottom (Maine Memory, Farmington Historical Society, etc.). I think images would really add something to this section. The slider that you have is very visually appealing, and in my opinion, it adds a lot to the homepage.

    One thing that I noticed on a few of your pages is the presence of a lot of white space, particularly on the Staff page, the “Commemorating Those Who Served” page, and the “Voices of the Great War” page. I know you mentioned in the blog post above that you intend to add more images to your site, and I think these pages would be improved visually by the inclusion of some images.

    I know Leah mentioned the duplication within the sidebar menus and some of the inconsistencies with menu labeling, so I won’t go into that!

    I think your website is quite good. I have really enjoyed reading the narrative elements, particularly the portions in which you discuss vocational training, which was emphasized at my institution during the period. I also find it fascinating that a soldier from Montevallo bridges the histories of our two institutions. I have one document on this soldier if you would be interested in reading the information.

  4. Again, this is fairly redundant…

    I love the scrolling header. You have some great images.
    I also like the overall architecture of the site and the way you have structured information. I think over time it has gotten more and more navigable and easy to understand, so good work!

    As I mentioned in class, I think your page could really benefit from some of those great images integrated into the site to break up the text bodies.

    An introduction on the Voices page could be helpful to let visitors know what they’re experiencing…just something explaining the process of selecting quotes and having them read and recorded. Maybe you could make a parent page for the Voices and then have subpages to the various recordings? The parent page could have the description and maybe a picture of someone recording a reading (I’m just reaching here) and then links to the various audio files? To me that page seems a little confusing as is.

    Overall, great work! Lots of cool information and images :)

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