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As was assigned for our class, I successfully made a timeline. I posted it as a page, which can be accessed here. At first, there was trouble in that the timeline was not loading. I went back and republished the timeline under Google Docs, copied the link, and re-posted the timeline successfully. I think the problem was that I put the link to the timelines in the text body instead of using the Timeline JS plugin. The second time around I used the “Add Timeline” option and it worked. I hope you all enjoy my timeline of the career of Linkin Park, one of my favorite bands!

2 thoughts on “Timeline Post”

  1. For future reference, there are 2 posting modes on WordPress–Visual and Text. To successfully embed the timeline in a post, you have to paste the code for it into the Text option instead of the Visual option. Visual is WP’s default posting mode, so you just have to switch it to Text at the top-right of the box in which you are creating the post.

  2. Hey Ryan- Rather than just posting a link, if you copy the embed code from the JS Timeline website and paste it into WordPress in the TEXT view, not the default Visual view, the timeline will embed directly on your page. Easier viewing that having to follow a link.

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