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The light at the end of the tunnel….

It’s almost time. My website is very nearly finished. Just a few more pesky citations (I like to be mean to myself….always leave that wonderful stuff for last) and my work will be finished…and the website will be due. For real. As I think about the amount of work I’ve done on this project I can help but feel a little lame for how little I’ve posted on this blog and how little I’ve commented on others. This was a very new and, at times, bizarre experience for me so often it just never occurred to me to actually, you know, communicate. But I think that’s one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in doing this project.

Alright. I’m going to stop procrastinating now.

Where to go from here

Unfortunately I had an extremely busy weekend and was not able to get a head start on getting all the text up on to my website so the bulk of that work will have to be done this week. Luckily, since I have most of my material ready it will just be a matter of plugging things in and making sure they are formatted correctly on the site. My goal is to have the timeline and  most  of the text and remaining images up and properly formatted on the website by April 10th and have it completed by the 14th. The voices of the great war recordings will be harder to plan for. I have found a couple people interested in helping me record but they haven’t been very good about getting back to me about scheduling etc. so I might just end up recording everything myself. If I can’t pin them down by Thursday I will probably end up going solo. I’d like to have these recordings up on the website no later than the 18th but hopefully well before that. In the mean time it will just be about polishing everything, making sure it all looks right, and possibly seeing if I can find any hidden gems in the archives between now and final due date.

Technology is a fickle friend

It’s eerie to me how gadgets seem to know when it’s crunch time. Printers suddenly run out of ink, copiers break, cell phone batteries die…

On top of the setbacks with limited space and the server being down this morning, I just lost all my prepared text for the website (which I was working on while the server was down this morning…so much for trying to be productive). So if my website is extremely image heavy at the moment, that’s why. I’m trying my best to roll with the punches, as I never expected this project to go smoothly, but it’s frustrating nonetheless.

And so it goes…