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Exploring the French Revolution: This site had an incredible wealth of information and could be very useful. Unfortunately, the site was a little out-dated, and despite being extremely organized, was still difficult to navigate considering the amount of information. I suppose “bulky” would be the right word to describe it. The search function, which was very well done, came in handy. I appreciated that I was able to do an advanced search with different specifications rather than simply entering a keyword and hoping for the best. It was also very text-heavy. Overall I’d say the content of the site is good but the presentation is off-putting.

Gilded Age Plains City: This site is much more appealing to the eyes and a little more modern. It is still very text-heavy, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but when creating a website it is good to have some variation. I really enjoyed the interactive map and thought it was a fun and interesting feature to add. It would also save time when doing research to be able to go straight to the location you’re looking for rather than have to sift through the whole site. Considering the number of different sections and the amount of text on the site, a search function would probably be very helpful.

1919 Molasses Flood: I absolutely loved the concept behind this site! I only wish it wasn’t so clumsy and difficult to navigate. It has great potential would be a fantastic site if the kinks were worked out. The content is really great and interesting but the problems with the mechanics of the site takes away from that.


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