Technology is a fickle friend

It’s eerie to me how gadgets seem to know when it’s crunch time. Printers suddenly run out of ink, copiers break, cell phone batteries die…

On top of the setbacks with limited space and the server being down this morning, I just lost all my prepared text for the website (which I was working on while the server was down this morning…so much for trying to be productive). So if my website is extremely image heavy at the moment, that’s why. I’m trying my best to roll with the punches, as I never expected this project to go smoothly, but it’s frustrating nonetheless.

And so it goes…

One Thought on “Technology is a fickle friend

  1. Oh no! :( That’s so awful…I definitely feel your pain. A few weeks ago I spent an hour and a half typing up a really detailed and awesome blog post, and even though WP told me it was autosaving every few minutes, it completely lost my post, and it was nowhere to be found in drafts or trash or anything. I was extremely upset (and ate a lot of chocolate to feel better), so I can only imagine how you feel. :/ But you can do it! Your website is looking great so far! :)

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