Almost ready for publishing?

I can’t believe we’ve come so far on our project since the beginning of the semester!  This past Friday we completed all of the digitization necessary for our final website, which was a huge step.  We had to go through a ton of complicated processes to both digitize and publish the images that we will be using, and some places (in particular the CRHC) were a bit difficult to work with, but understandably so since their revenue comes from both photocopying and visitors to see the actual documents.  I myself did not have that much to digitize, since the photos that I am using for the Rowe family page are published and the images I took of President Russell’s Papers are from Special Collections here at UMW.  Still, it is a relief to be done with that part of the project!

In other news, this upcoming Friday our milestone is to have all of the writing for our pages completed.  We are each responsible for two pages of the overall project, mine being the narrative of the Rowe family of Fredericksburg and the Administration segment for the State Normal School.  I am happy to say that despite many a setback from being sick and dealing with some personal things that I have completed both pages!  This does not mean they are fully completed, however, since they still have to be edited by the other members of my group, but at least it is a start and I have a few days to finish necessary changes.  All in all, our project is looking up, and after this week we can start putting the site together!

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