Important Contract Information

As we talked about in the 2/27 class, please don’t make any changes to your Contract Google Doc until Dr. Pearson and I email you that we’ve finished reviewing it.  That way we’re not, as she put it in class, working on a moving target.  Regardless, we will have our comments complete by Tuesday, 3/4, and then you’ll need to respond to those comments and revise your contract accordingly.

Also as we discussed in class, we realized the deadlines for submitting images and events to the UMW group need to be the same.  So, here’s what we need to aim for:

  1. Images for the map interface and the collage: 1 image representative of the school that is modern, and 1 representative image from the 1914-1918 time frame. Due by Friday, March 7. Point of contact is Jack: jhylan [at]
  2. Events for timeline: 5-10 important school/community events, due by Friday, March 14. Point of contact is Leah: ltams [at] (We do not want images for the events, unless there is a really awesome image for it—we don’t want the timeline to be too cluttered.)

If you have issues meeting either of these dates, please contact Dr. Pearson or me.


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