Template/Prompts for Contract

Publish as a Google Doc, share with mcclurken[at]gmail.com and epearson[at]unca.edu (with ability to comment and edit) by 9 AM (EST) on TH, Feb. 27.

  • Mission statement (describe project)

    • A) Describe the overall goal of your project and the intended audience

    • B) Describe the basic structure of your site and intended features.

      • You should discuss how you’ll incorporate the common elements for all of our sites, such as a COPLAC Century America Logo, the Voices of the Great War section(s), possible list of students/former students/community members who served/died in the war, timelines for local communities to tie into world/national timeline in overarching site.

        • We also discussed the possibility of a section on women’s contributions to the war effort or influenza efforts as a common element because many of the schools that were Normal schools in 1910s.  If that makes sense for your school, talk about how you’d include that too.

    • C) We also discussed creating videos (vlogs) to show how each of us did research for the project or constructed the site.  If you’re willing to contribute to that process (via vlog or even just a post), indicate that in this section.

  • Tools you plan to use

    • Everyone will be using WordPress, so that’s a given.  But what theme, plugins, layout will you use?

    • Will you be using a timeline tool?  A map?  If so, will you be using TimelineJS?  Spreadsheet Mapper?  Something else?  [Note that even if you’re not doing your own formal timeline, you’ll need to identify key dates to send to the UMW group to include in the overarching timeline on the main site.]

    • Other tools you’ll use for your site?  What will you use to edit images?  If you’re using audio/video segments, what tools will you use?

  • Schedule of milestones (when critical pieces are ready to present)

    • Include the dates from the syllabus for first version (Apr. 3) and revised version (Apr. 24).

    • Include sending representative images to Jack to be included in the overarching site.

    • Include when you will send list of key events and dates (& potentially images to go with those events/dates) to UMW group to include in the overarching timeline on the main site.

    • Set reasonable, realistic goals.  Take into account that some things may take longer than others.

      • Particularly big pieces might have intermediate deadlines (e.g., I will have completed half the timeline entries by March 12, the rest by March 19)

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