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Initial Findings

So far, everything has been going pretty well in Fredericksburg!  Though the city is better known for its role in the Civil War, so far we have found that our school, the University of Mary Washington, did maintain some records of how the school functioned during World War I and what life was like on the home front in Fredericksburg.  The school does have a special collections section that has yearbooks, course catalogs, and other memorabilia from the era, and we are hopeful that we will find more in places such as the circuit court and deed office located in our downtown.  I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with Leah, Candice, and Jack from my university, and we are hopeful that as we delve further into our research we will be able to find more information and sources that will help us discover what life was like at home in Fredericksburg during the First World War.