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Outline of Website: SNS, Fredericksburg, and WWI

Outlining a website is much more difficult than I anticipated. After spending a couple of hours brainstorming on our website we were finally able to come up with a brief outline. We decided to go with a simple approach as possible to keep continuity throughout the site. We decided to break the website down into two different categories. One being the State Normal School and the other Fredericksburg and the surrounding community. This way the site will be much easier to navigate when looking for specific information. Additionally, this is the easiest way to separate all the material we are working with.


-Will consist of information of the entire project and COPLAC

-Two images will separate Fredericksburg and State Normal School

Fredericksburg Homepage

-Eastburn Diaries: Includes a timeline of the diary and a description of the material and the family themselves. Possibly adding addition pictures and miscellaneous items to the page.

-Knox Family: Homefront experience and life with children fighting overseas. Will include a timeline and any additional photographs.

-Rowe Family: Will include letters from family member overseas and the general homefront experience. Additionally will include timeline and photographs.

-Spanish Flu: This page will include any material in relation to the flu during 1918 and how it effected Fredericksburg. Main sources will be local newspaper articles.

State Normal School (UMW) Homepage

-Administration: Includes President Russell’s papers and financial records of the institution of the time.

-Academics: Will include course catalogs and bulletins from the school along with a brief narrative of the subject and why the material is relevant.

-Student Life: This page will include student activities and clubs during the time span. This will general show what daily life was like on campus not necessarily related to the war.

-School Flu: Since the school and communities experience with the flu were so different this page will acts as the schools general experience. The page will include both Russell’s papers and financial records of medical expenditures.

This outline is subject to change as the project progresses, but simply acts a guideline to how the project will look. As for themes and design we are still trying out what will work best. Nonetheless, we are extremely happy with the progress thus far and are looking forward to actually creating the digital history website.