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Research 2

Hello World.

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, things have been chaotic here. What with snow and classes along with ROTC events. But I have finally found some time to update you guys on what has been going on in relation to my research.

So last Wednesday, Dakota and I went to the Dickenson Historical Society. I arrived there with high hopes since I had found a booklet detailing Dickenson County’s involvement with the war written by a historian who had started the Dickenson Historical Society.

When first entering the place, I was at first awed by the amount of pictures on the walls of numerous soldiers of different eras. Then I was awed by the pleasant surprise that the women I had previously only been in telephone contact with, was the co-owner of the historical society.

She greeted me and we got to work. Through her I was able to get the names of some old newspapers that she knew for a fact were located at the Library of Virginia on microfilm. I’m going to arrange to have those sent to me tomorrow.

I was also able to see her first hand research on the Dickenson Memorial Plaque of World War One. She was even kind enough to allow me to copy the photos of the soldiers who were featured. Below their stories were short snippets of their lives which will be wonderful to put on the website.

Besides, newspapers and monuments, I was able to catch a glimpse of books that may be of help in our search. Including…wait for it, The Heritage of Dickenson County Volume One (Where does that seem similar…humm).  Other books were Pine Straws: A Collection of Appalachian Stories and The Pioneer Book.

So all in all, I was very happy with the Dickenson Historical Society and its patrons. I want to place a thank you on this blog to them and all the others that have supported Dakota and I so far in our research.

Next Stop- Mount Empire College                                                                                                 (As long as the roads stay good and don’t slick up with ice)

Thanks for reading. Until next time.


Present Findings—

Multiple Newspaper Articles. (From UVA-Wise Library microfilm).

Photos of soldiers (From Dickenson County Historical Society)

Photos from Looking Back at Wise County The Early Years

Information from The Heritage of Wise Volume One and Volume Two

Photo of the memorial featured from Dickenson Memorial High School

Booklet about Wise County during World War One

Booklet about Dickenson County during World War One

Future Research—

Mount Empire and the Wise Historical Society artifacts located there.

UVA-Wise special collections

Napoleon Hill Foundation (Sent email; waiting for conformation)

Big Stone Gap Public Library

Russell County

Lee County

Washington County

South-west Virginia Museum

Old Dickenson County Newspapers (Microfilm from Library of Virginia)

Microfilm of the muster roll of Wise County from the Library of Virginia

Questionnaires of soldiers from the Library of Virginia