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Hello, and welcome back.

As of right now I’m more worried about the plethora of information at my fingertips than a lack of it. Having visited the Stevens County Historical Society today I can safely say there will be no shortage of both primary and secondary source material to scrounge around for in the archives.


Books, topographical maps, shaving items, full infantry packs, and diaries comprise but a few of the items I found in the archives during my three hour adventure today. The SCHS, in honor of Memorial Day, recently devoted a substantial portion of their exhibits to showcasing WW1 memorabilia and artifacts. Moreover, they have even produced a 40 minute documentary on how the citizens of Stevens County were affected by one of the deadliest wars of all time. This is extremely helpful in that I’ve essentially been given a crash course, more or less, in the general themes dominating the experience of men and women, young and old, throughout West Central Minnesota. However, as historians round the world continually cry: “it’s always more complex!”


I have a predisposition for items telling a significant yet often overlooked story. My junior year I ended up focusing on double edged safety razors and their impact on perceived notion of femininity in the early to mid 20 century. Given the large amount of items I have at my disposal I can’t imagine not pursing a similar path. Unfortunately I’m waiting on approval from the curator to dig through the archives, but these initial exhibits prove promising.


I’ve also spent some time at the local library looking through microfilm of the Morris Tribune just before war broke out. The initial findings here prove to be promising as well. Unfortunately I have not yet narrowed my scope and thus have nothing of real substantial value to offer here.


My partner, Britta, has spent a significant time in the campus archive and I would direct you to her blog to see what she’s found so far.


All in all I’m pleased with the initial findings and can’t wait to move forward with the process!