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Research and Website Update

Hey all,

Since I wasn’t in class last week, I thought I’d take some time to update you on where the Morris group is on our site.

I admit that I haven’t done a whole lot lately. I went on a really amazing spring break trip and let me tell you, it was much needed. I was definitely feeling the mid-semester slump (especially because it’s senior year) and my road trip was a fantastic refresher. However, road trip with friends meant little time for school work. I didn’t bring my computer with me to keep my travel load lighter, so therefore didn’t have access to my school e-mail. I naturally didn’t get any research done.

Never fear, though! The museum has been yielding some wonderful sources for me in regards to the WCSA and I’m going to be finishing up research there this week. I’m excited for the last minute resources that I’ll be able to find and I’m confident I’ll have plenty of information to fill up my portion of the site.

Our site doesn’t have a whole lot on it yet, but the skeleton will be completed in the next couple days. I’m going to start writing up some text for the site this week and Colm and I will have all of our images uploaded to a shared online drive by Friday.

Spring break caused a bit of a delay for the Morris group and I do have a lot to catch up on, but now that I’m refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the semester, I’m confident everything will work out smoothly and as planned.

Stay tuned for more soon!

March 31st: Website Update

It’s been a little too long since I’ve updated this blog! I’ve been focused on getting the school website as polished as I can before the rough draft is due. On top of that, I have my senior thesis to work on and a final project to work on for my Spanish class. This month is going to be painful, but I’m looking forward to enjoying the fruits of my labor!


My vlog below shows off how my website is coming along. Take a few minutes and give me some feedback on what you see!


Voices of the Great War

I have been able to get several recordings done for the “Voices of the Great War” section of my site. The method I took was first downloading the free program Audacity. It is very easy to use to record audio. I then set up a soundcloud account where I was able to upload the audio. From there I got the embedded code when I “shared” the audio and put it into my site exactly how I put in the timeline. I changed the height to “125″ for a smaller and overall space saving look. It’s a very simple process and I hope to have more recordings soon.

Citations on our Website


I am having a difficult time finding a way to use Chicago style citations on my website. I’ve been browsing some plug-ins to try and set up an automated system, but the plug-ins are too complex for me to figure out and I haven’t found any clarifications on how to use them.

So my question to you guys is has anyone figured out a method to employing Chicago style citations on your web page? I’d appreciate the help and I’m sure other students would as well.

Messing around in Paint and historic images

So while messing around with the idea we had discussed in class as far as mixing historic images with modern ones, I came up with this header for my site. I like the way it came out by I might change it at some point if I find better images. Either way as a starting header I’m very pleased with it. If anyone has suggestions on a change for it let me know. Or if you want help cropping images and such to merge them let me know and I’ll do what I can to help but it’s a pretty straight forward process.header

Old School Newspapers

So upon making it back to my university archives I began looking through the archived school news papers which have luckily been printed into book form making it really easy to navigate.  However, as you can imagine, there is a lot to go through for around four years of publishing.  I only got through the 1914-15 publications which did not provide too much insight into the general feelings towards the war. There were brief mentions of it in hopes that soon peace would be restored.  The most interesting finds in these were more pictures of the campus at the time.  Towards the end of my appointment I decided to skip ahead to 1918-19 to see what I had to look forward to and struck gold.  There were articles titled “Shepherd College at War” and issues printed in early 1919 included an entire list of every person affiliated with the school who served (some were highlighted even more in later issues), obituaries for those who died, information on the Spanish Flu, obituaries for those who died from the disease, and pictures of returning veterans.  More information on all of this will come once I actually get to diligently read through it all.

Digital Resources SUU Offers Me and Using Videos for Our Projects

So for this week’s research update, I’m doing something special: I’m actually presenting a vlog! I decided to do this because of our conversation today about using videos in our project, and I figured I would make the first step in a possible pioneering of video technology for our site. Here’s hoping something productive comes out of this!

Please note that I’ve used my personal Youtube channel for this particular video: should we choose to pursue this approach, I would use a new account specifically for this course OR create a shared youtube channel for all of us to use.

In Memoriam…


Plaque by the entrance to Knutti Hall

This is the plaque found on Knutti Hall in dedication to those from Shepherd who fought in WWI. Listed are 13 names of men who “gave their lives for their country” and it mentions that 197 other men from Shepherd fought in the war. Upon researching (since I had a hunch that not even 197 people were enrolled in the school at the time) some of those who were named were alumni. So that goes into consideration of who is being counted into that 197. I am in the process of researching the names and hope to give further information on those listed. Furthermore I would like to find a list of all those from Shepherd who fought in the war. If anyone has any information on how to find something like that out it would be greatly appreciated, though I do visit the archives (finally!) on Tuesday, so perhaps I will find it there. There is also a plaque in town that lists names from various wars, but the two names listed under WWI are also listed on the first plaque.

Plaque on the War Memorial Building in Shepherdstown

Plaque on the War Memorial Building in Shepherdstown