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Unfortunately I had an extremely busy weekend and was not able to get a head start on getting all the text up on to my website so the bulk of that work will have to be done this week. Luckily, since I have most of my material ready it will just be a matter of plugging things in and making sure they are formatted correctly on the site. My goal is to have the timeline and  most  of the text and remaining images up and properly formatted on the website by April 10th and have it completed by the 14th. The voices of the great war recordings will be harder to plan for. I have found a couple people interested in helping me record but they haven’t been very good about getting back to me about scheduling etc. so I might just end up recording everything myself. If I can’t pin them down by Thursday I will probably end up going solo. I’d like to have these recordings up on the website no later than the 18th but hopefully well before that. In the mean time it will just be about polishing everything, making sure it all looks right, and possibly seeing if I can find any hidden gems in the archives between now and final due date.

3 Thoughts on “Where to go from here

  1. I think it would be okay if you can’t get the voice recordings! We decided not to have recordings at all, and our decision works well with the way we decided to integrate the section into our site.

    I LOVE the image you have on your landing page! As for the other images you have, I think they would benefit from having some spacing between them–they all look like they run together (ex. Explore the School gallery). And I am really bugged by the fact that the thumbnails are all different sizes. It would be great for consistency if you could make them all the same size.

    I’ll be very interested to see what text you put up for the site. I’m afraid right now I can’t really comment on much more without seeing the text. Also, it looks like you need to go in and fix some of your other settings–the front page of your site still has default Parabola text, as does the footer. Can’t wait to see what you will add!

  2. I like the layout of your site. It’s very smooth, and the transitions between photos and other features are nice as well. The images of the rooms in the school and surrounding grounds are very clear and well-lit. I wish I had so many nice photos of my college! I know that you are still working on adding in the rest of the material, but if it follows suit, it should be great!

    I like the couple of focused stories about Curran and the influenza. They really add to the site. More explanation of the National League of Girls’ Clubs would probably be helpful to those who go through your site.

    You said you are still looking through the archives. I totally understand. I keep doing little searches to see what I’ve missed. It’s hard to stop researching! Great job with the site thus far!

  3. Colin Nimer on April 14, 2014 at 5:10 pm said:

    I love the theme of your site Alisia; the color scheme works well with the strong contrast of black and white. It’s easy to look at and I feel like that helps with the overall presentation. Your use of pictures is splendid, and I like how you include scans of the newspapers you used on particular pages to let the reader see what you’ve researched. It adds another level of interactivity and interest to the site.

    I feel like you site has a lack of information. For example, you Influenza Epidemic page barely has a paragraph to it. I don’t know if you’re still working on transcribing all of your information down or not, but I would highly recommend you add more information to your site.

    Your menu could use some reorganization as well; I would like to see the North Adams sub-menu organized chronologically (if it isn’t already), just to give a sense of time to the reader.

    Other than those things, you’re site is looking fantastic! Keep up the good work.

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