Food for thought questions for Kennedy, Over Here, chapters 1-4

Think about the following questions as you read Kennedy’s first 4 chapters:

  • What were Wilson’s goals?  Why did he get involved?  What were his goals regarding government and mobilization?
  • What was the US’s role in the Great War?  What does Kennedy see as the nation’s contributions?  Weaknesses?
  • How would small towns have been affected?  Schools?  What are the impacts on rights and freedoms during the war?
  • What were the issues related to mobilization and conscription?  How did race, class, gender, immigration status, etc. play into those issues?
  • What is Progressivism and what role does it seem to have played in lead up to and mobilization for American involvement in the Great War?
  • What does Kennedy seem to think of Wilson?  Of Pershing and the AEF?
  • What was the impact of the war on US soldiers who served?

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