Logo Drafts — Feedback Please!

Folks, Chelsea has been busy with drafting software, and she has come up with a few logo drafts that we would like you to look at. Tell us what you think . . . she is also working on a small, rectangular draft with the helmet and upright books that might be used as an icon. Stay tuned . . . But in the meantime, what do you think about these? Which do you like best, and what could be made better?  Here they are: logo drafts

In the last class session we also brainstormed some catchy tag lines to incorporate into the logo. Dr. McClurken suggested “One hundred years in the making.” That didn’t garner a lot of enthusiasm. After the class, Dr. Spellman came up with “Campus, Community, and the Great War.” Please throw down any other ideas you may have here, so that we can discuss them in Thursday’s class session.

2 thoughts on “Logo Drafts — Feedback Please!

  1. I really like the fourth page of the PDF, where the hat and books are in between the words “Century” and “America.” The composition is balanced and the font is definitely evocative of the time period and cohesive with many of the texts we’ve found in the archives. I also like the tagline “Campus, Community, and the Great War”- still open to other suggestions, but it’s better than anything I’ve thought of so far.

  2. Thanks for all the work on these logos. My thoughts below aren’t meant to be cruel, I just have lots of questions; please don’t take offense. I often hate how my thoughts, questions, and ideas look (way too serious) in emails or online settings as compared to the way I’m usually grinning when I talk to people in person.

    In regard to the logo drafts, here are my thoughts: I like the new hat! Although it looks like a UFO, it does look like the hats worn by our troops during the Great War. They were ahead of their time. 😛

    I will call the drafts by their page numbers.

    In draft 1, is the brown supposed to be the band on the helmet? Also, are we looking to say 1914-1919, or 1914-1917? The words on the books would be very tough to read if I didn’t know already what they say. Is there a slightly different font we could use to make the the writing on the books more decipherable for the general public? Also, is this a digital liberal arts project? Or a digital humanities or digital history project? Is this being replaced by our slogan?

    I think draft 4 looks very nice overall. I like the font and the style of that one.

    In draft 6, can the title be any closer to the helmet?

    I think Dr. Spellman’s idea is great. I was trying to figure out something that would show that we are looking at three things: the campus, the local area, and the war – but I didn’t find a way to make it that succinct.

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